Amnis is the Creative Garage

where I exploit my abilities and my competencies to develop ideas or concepts and to make images or objects

working with Italian and Swiss partners and specialists my creations become

as furnitures, lights, decorations, interiors,...

I'm Andrea Bressan and I work
from Milano and Lausanne
sending my creations everywhere

operating closely with customers of any country

analyzing and understanding their taste, passions, needs, personality,...

to reach the perfect feeling tailoring each piece to the client requests

I was born in Treviso, Italy, in late summer of '70, late evening.

I worked as creative designer and creative director for and with Italian and Swiss communication agencies and companies, brands and industries around the world

I'm an eternal student of images, visual communication, arts, design and a cinema maniac, passionate motorcycle driver, cats lover

I express my creativity also through paintings, portraits and illustrations
you can discover on my ARTWORKS website
Felix | graphic assistant
Creative Designer, Artist I exploit my abilities and my competencies to develop ideas or concepts and to create ARTWORKS as portraits, illustrations, paintings, comics Italy
 Andrea Bressan

I implement projects moving beyond my skills thanks to a reliable linkup of partners, specialists and friends

atelier méchanique

for production and materials supply

artists network

for projects in collaboration with
visual artists all around the world
Felix | graphic assistant
for contacts, information, prices and requests

send me an email


Studio Amnis